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Santa Cruz Writes is not seeking or accepting membership fees to participate in our writing events and partnerships, as we believe every established and emerging writer in the Santa Cruz County writing community is automatically a member.

You can support the efforts and projects of Santa Cruz Writes in the following ways:

  • Keep writing! - Practice your craft, write every day, revise your work, and continue to grow the phenomenal group of writers in our community.
  • Submit your work to phren-Z- As you continue to write and polish your work, submit your poetry, fiction, memoirs, essays, book reviews, plays, and monologues to phren-Z to share with the larger writing community.
  • Attend phren-Z readings - Support the contributing writers to phren-z as they participate in Live Readings at a variety of literary venues. The next Live Reading is at Bookshop Santa Cruz on Tuesday, August 21 from 7:00 to 8:30.
  • Join the Santa Cruz Writes Team! - If you have ideas for new literary projects or suggestions for partnerships with existing projects, send us an email.

Young Writers Program - The one program where we encourage and accept donations is our Young Writers Program, as we seek to grow the number of classrooms, teachers, students and volunteers working together to enhance and publish student writing. For more information, visit the Young Writers Program page.


Vinnie Hansen Lauren Crux and Wallace Baine
Vinnie Hansen at phren-Z Live Reading at Book Cafe Love Letters Training - Lauren Crux & Wallace Baine

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