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Epistolary Project

The Epistolary Project was implemented by Karen Tei Yamashita as part of her UCSC Senior Creative Writing Special Projects class in Spring 2012. Yamashita partnered with Santa Cruz writes to identify and pair 26 local writers with the 26 seniors in her class.

After initial pairings, the students initiated a letter exchange with their writer partners, penning an opening letter that invited exchanges through written or emailed letters. The partners continued exchanging a set of five letters during the Spring quarter.

The project culminated with the Student Reading held at Kresge Town Hall on June 13th. Epistolary partners were invited to the reading and taco feed following the event in the Kresge Piazetta.

We hope to continue such epistolary partnerships in the future and encourage you to CONTACT US if you would like to be considered as a writing partner.

Chey and Karen Neal and Student
Karen Yamashita and Chey Street Houck Kelsey Rothtenay and Neal Hellman

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