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Date Due, bundle, Sewn Date Due Library Cards, 96” x 96”, 2012 by Daniella Woolf

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About Us

Santa Cruz Writes (SCW) is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop and support a vibrant literary community dedicated to the craft of writing and its ability to inform, reveal, and enchant.

Our online literary magazine, phren-Z, and our corresponding Live Readings held at literary venues throughout the community provide the means for known and emerging writers to share their writing and ideas with larger audiences.

Our Young Writers Program pairs volunteers with students in classrooms around the county to help students improve their writing skills.

We believe that the strong Santa Cruz County writing community will get even stronger through the promotion and creation of community writing projects that bring writers together to think, imagine, collaborate, and share. We believe that partnerships are the key to enhancing literary opportunities, which is why our partners to date have included Bookshop Santa Cruz, Capitola Book Cafe, Felix Kulpa Gallery, the Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Poetry Santa Cruz, The Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, UCSC's Creative Writing program and interns, dozens of writers, and a throng of readers and supporters.

We actively seek new projects, partnerships, and leaders in the writing community to help grow opportunities for writers of all ages. We also encourage you to seek us out with your ideas and energy to join us.

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Don Rothman at phren-Z Live Reading at MAH Typing Love Letters at Bookshop Santa Cruz

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